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Evaluating Information Online

When you encounter information online, act as a professional fact-checker. 

  • Stop. Before using or sharing a source, take the time to evaluate it. 
  • Take time to Investigate the source. Do a Google search or Wikipedia search for the author or organization that is the source of the information and evaluate their reputation, credentials, and motives. 
  • Next, Find Better Coverage- compare the information to other reputable sources or consult fact-checking websites like:


  • Finally, Trace the Original Context. Is the information you found presented by the original source or is it referring to another article or report? If you find a news article referencing a scientific study, refer back to the study itself to get the full context. 

The information on this page is adapted from The Four Moves/ SIFT method by Mike Caulfield . It is licensed under CC BY 4.0

You can consult this eBook for further information on fact-checking online resources: 

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers Open Access eBook by Mike Caulfield