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Find Research Articles

Why should you use library databases for research?

  • The scholarly articles in library databases are typically peer-reviewed, which ensures that experts have verified the credibility of the information. 

  • You can also avoid paywall restrictions. Because the library pays for subscriptions to the databases, you will have more access to full-text articles.


A-Z DatabaseTo access an alphabetical list of available library databases, click on the A-Z Database button on the library homepageClick on a letter to jump to that section or use the subjects along the left side to narrow it down. 

Research Guides You can also find curated lists of resources and databases by topic or course!

Click on "Resources" and look for the Research Guides link.

A great database to use as you start your research is Proquest Central .

Proquest Central is a multi-subject database that covers a wide variety of topics, so if you only use one database, use this one!