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Career & College Promise/ Early College


Contact Information

For assistance and questions by phone: 704-991-0259

For assistance and questions by

For assistance and questions by text message: 704-991-0261

Access Services


Students can schedule up to a one-hour, in-person or virtual session with a librarian. Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance and appointments can be changed at any time due to the librarian's schedule. Please be specific in what you need assistance with.


To request a device, please contact or call 704-991-0259.

Study Rooms

Two small study rooms are available for students, faculty, or staff to use. The first study room can hold up to six people at a time and the second study room can hold up to four people at a time. Both rooms are equipped with a smart projector/board.

Students can reserve their time online and then pick up the key for the study room at the Circulation Desk. They will have to present their Student ID or Driver's License to confirm identity. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the room for any reason.