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Children's Books by Theme

Looking for books on community helpers, multiculturalism, alphabet, or another special "theme"? Find help here. Stanly Community College LRC has all these books!


Find beginner books on general nature topics, with an easier, less scientific slant than those found under the "Science" tab. Click on the BLUE title to find the book on the shelf.

The Earth is Good

First the Egg

What Makes a Shadow?

A Rainy Day

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

How a Seed Grows

Have You Seen Trees?

Natural or Man Made?

Sun Up, Sun Down

A Sunny Day

A Cloudy Day

Follow a Raindrop

Nature in a Nutshell for Kids

In the Rain Forest

The Reason for a Flower

Sky Tree

What is an Insect?

The Fall of Freddie The Leaf

When Autumn Comes

The Cloud Book


Welcme to the Sea of Sand

Trekking in the Congo

Plants and Flowers

Where Do Insects Live?